Gulls, Pigeons and Starlings are the main birds that cause problems in the towns and cities across the UK.

These birds can become established when nesting and roosting places do not have any deterrents such as bird netting, spike systems and other deterrent devices.

Nests made by birds will be in a sheltered position and close to a source they can gain access to food. These nests are generally made with the arrival of their young and with the increased occupancy the nest and its surrounding area can become extremely built up with faecal matter. This not only carries odour and disease but can also be a slip hazard if on pavements below but cause damage to buildings and vehicles. The chance of a secondary insect infestation can be highly likely too. 

Norfolk Pest Solutions can supply and install a variety of effective bird control systems.

Spike systems: These prevent the birds from landing and perching on ledges and are extremely effective to shop fronts, gutters, ridges, window sills and also around solar panels to prevent nesting underneath the panels themselves. Generally these can be attached without the use of invasive fixings and are very discrete so it makes them the most preferred option.

Netting systems: These systems are much preferably for protecting large areas of a building against bird invasion. The nets can be installed over ventilation units and across canopies meaning they are far suited to commercial premises or large flat roofs.