For landowners, moles can present a significant problem that can incur a huge cost and create enormous stress. Just one mole can cause substantial damage to an area of 400 to 1200 metres squared! Whether you’re a keen gardener, a property developer, even a golf lover, moles can interrupt your life, meaning pest control services might be necessary to properly exterminate the pests.

While burrows and molehills present an annoyance, a greater risk exists in the fact that soil excavated by moles carries the risk of listeria, potentially contaminating silage that is fed to cattle and other farm animals. The danger to animals doesn’t end there – horses and cattle run the risk of breaking a limb by accidentally stepping into a mole run which is potentially hugely costly for owners, as well as an excruciating experience for the animal.

Here at Norfolk Pest Control, we use highly effective traps to treat mole problems quickly, effectively and humanely. You need not worry about your problem when you call NPS. Contact us today for a fast, fixed cost quote.