Although some may see squirrels as innocent lovely animals, they are incredibly destructive to have should they gain access to your home or business.

Physical damage to a property by chewing wood, through a water pipe or even fire risk by chewing wires can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. Noise damage is generally a problem when a squirrel enters a residential dwelling as 4-5hrs prior to day break they begin their working day and scurrying and scratching from a loft will wake most people sleeping below. As like rodents, squirrels also carry numerous diseases which can be extremely harmful if not fatal to human health.

The grey squirrel unlike the red squirrel (extremely rare in the uk now) is an invasive species and it is the pox disease it carried which dramatically reduced the native number of red squirrels within this country. It is illegal to catch and release grey squirrels back in to the wild as stated in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.