Birds are utterly beautiful animals, however, when they gather in numbers in unwelcome areas, they can become a real nuisance. Businesses, in particular, suffer enormously; damage to premises, excessive droppings and blocked gutters can all incur huge cost, not to mention the potential damage to the curb appeal and even reputation of your business. All wild birds and their eggs are protected by law, however, this varies by species and circumstance. All of our services are carried out within full compliance of the current legislative standards. Bird nests are a source of many insect and mite pests that could enter buildings posing a huge health risk.

Bird droppings are corrosive, so as well as damaging buildings, they can damage parked cars. Dropping can also pose a slip hazard on pavements and stairways, and numerous diseases can be transmitted through bird droppings. Translation: birds are bad news for your business! The most effective way to combat birds is bird proofing. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will design the most effective system to cease unwanted bird activity in a particular area you choose. Contact us today for a comprehensive, fixed cost quotation to get your unwanted bird problem under control once and for all by the best pest control company operating in Norfolk and Suffolk.