Most of us will agree, insects are pests. They’re fine when they’re going about their lives in nature, but when they get into the vicinity of humans, they cause big trouble. Flies can quickly infest your home or business. They can spread serious diseases, including E. coli. And Salmonella. Parasitical bugs such as bed bugs and fleas can bite humans and spread disease and infection. Add to this the psychological distress that parasites can bring, as well as the huge risk to children and pets, and it can turn into a nightmare.

Cockroaches are harbingers of filth – known for being carriers of serious diseases as well as debilitating viruses such as gastroenteritis, exposure to cockroaches carries a real and serious health risk. In short, an insect infestation is a serious problem that should not be overlooked under any circumstances. As well as the multitude of health risks, insects can damage property, textiles, grain, crops – the list is endless, which can present a serious financial impact on businesses who fail to act in time to exterminate a serious insect infestation. In the most serious of cases, businesses could face forced closure by authorities if the problem is not promptly rectified.

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