Within the UK there are thousands of species of moths but the two which present problems within our homes are the Carpet Moth and Case Bearing Moth.

Neither of these are damaging to human health but are extremely extensive in the damage they can cause to carpets, soft furnishings and expensive clothing items.

The female moth will lay her eggs in a dark and undisturbed area e.g. under large furniture items and once hatched, these larvae will then feed on the keratin within natural fibres such as wool carpets and silk clothing. This damage is seen as bald spots in carpets and small holes in clothes.

Regular vacuuming of these low traffic areas can help greatly in removing the eggs before they hatch however larvae can be difficult to eradicate without further treatment.

Pheromone traps and monitoring traps are a common practice to identify the species present prior to treatment and also for ongoing peace of mind following a treated infestation.